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Prophets of the House of Cest





Jimmy sobbed quietly, his whole frame shaking. So many deaths in such a short time. How could all of them handle this?

First it had been Cassiel, and then Castiel, both lost to despair and suicide. Then Jacob and Gabriel, hit by a drunk driver at 80 miles a hour. They’d been so cut up and bloody, they’d been barely recognizable. 

But now, now it was even worse. Lucifer had cracked. He’d bought a gun and…..

And now there were five more funerals. Micheal, Dylan, Manny and Eric. After each of them, he’d snapped back and taken his own life. Jimmy didn’t know how he could handle it. The decaplets, and the Novaks, once so happy, had been reduced to too small a group. 

He let the sobs pour out of him, curling up as tight as he could. He only had four brothers and a sister left. 

“No…No….not enough, not enough. Jacob, Gabe, Micheal, Cassie, Castiel, Dylan, Manny, Eric, Lucifer….why…” He looked up at the ceiling, tears streaming down his face as he screamed. “WHY?!”

It was only thirty minutes later that Chuck found his now eldest son electrocuted in the bathtub. 

It seemed there was going to be one more funeral to add.



Why? Why would you do this?? *ugly tears*

Out of all of their siblings, Castiel never thought it would be Gabriel that would be the first one to get married. But here they were, watching their brother and his new wife, a very interesting woman by the name of Kali, spin around the dance floor, acting like they didn’t have a care in the world.

And they probably didn’t.

Castiel knew it was wrong of him to feel so bitter towards his older brother, who had done nothing but showing him with love and attention for most of his life, but the wedding in general was leaving a bad taste in his mouth. Probably cause he would never get this same sort of happiness with Cassiel.

It’s moments like this that the youngest Novak wishes that he had thought out his cunning plan of falling in love with his brother.

The song changes, but Castiel doesn’t really notice. He’s too busy trying to seem utterly bored with the whole shebang, instead of disgustingly jealous. Which is probably how Cassiel manages to sneak up on his and jolt him out of his funk, even if it’s just for a second.

"Come on." Cassiel is holding out his hand to the youngest Novak, a clear sign that he wants to dance with him. Castiel bites back a sigh and takes his brother’s hand, knowing that while he’s raring for a fight, it would be stupid as hell to cause one here.

Castiel is honestly surprised that his older brother chose a slow song to dance to and if he really listens, he thinks that this is something that might be tucked away in his iTunes. Cassiel holds him as close as Gabriel is holding Kali, which leaves no room for people to mistake what they are, but Castiel really doesn’t give a shit. He’s been feeling crappy all week about things he can’t change and all he wants right now is to be held by the man he loves.

The older Novak tilts his head enough so he can sing the words to the song right into his younger brother’s ear, “This is not what I intended. I always swore to you I’d never fall apart. You always thought that I was stronger. I may have failed, but I have loved you from the start.” And two spend the whole evening like that, holding onto one another, Cassiel singing in his brother’s ear, showing him that he is loved, no matter what others think about them.

The entire ‘meet the new neighbours!’ had been completely on accident for Jensen. Or as his brother’s oh so fondly called him ‘Jenny’. Jensen really could not tell if they were being assholes, or if it was in reference to the fact that he wore ‘women’s clothing’ sometimes. Though in his defence, he just really liked wearing it. 

Not to mention, he had walked in on Dean in a lacy pink thong and no one picked on Dean for it. 

But the day he met Misha Novak was a day he would not forget. At the same time, one he wanted to forget completely. 

He had been walking home that day with Jared on his heels, talking with him about up coming auditions as well as the photoshoot. His own heels were clicking on the pavement as he looked mostly at the ground. Jensen was not paying any attention to his surroundings. Or at how people were staring at the wiry man with a purse on one arm wearing a black leather skirt, nylons and a v-neck sweater. 

In all honesty he was used to the looks.

What he was not used to was his heel breaking as he walked causing him to fall onto someone walking towards them. Someone his build wearing an atrocious multi-coloured shirt and skirt. Sky blue eyes looked into his own, both grimacing with pain. The stranger likely from the pain of Jensen landing on him while Jensen was from the pain in his now twisted ankle. 

Jared rushed over apologizing to the man who’s hair was so dark it seemed to suck in the light. He was mesmerizing to the youngest of the Winchester decaplets. It took a few moments before Jared got his brother’s attention and Jensen was murmuring a quick apology. His freckled cheeks were a deep red as he clung onto the taller man.

"S-sorry…I wasn’t paying attention." He snuggled up against the warm body holding him, wanting to hide away out of embarrassment.

"All good. Just a little bruising. Hey! You’re from that family that moved in next door to mine! Funny bumping into you out in the city here!" His grin was wide almost taking up most of his face. "I’m Misha Novak! You two are…?"

"Jared Winchester. This is Jenny." Jared’s voice was teasing as he held his older brother a little tighter against his chest, laughing as the smaller male buried his face against his chest.

"Nice t’ meet you both. Hey I gotta run, I’ll talk to you later!" before either could say anything more Misha was gone leaving them to watch him go with some wonder. 

And that was how they met the man who would soon be overlord of their heart.

Misha may have been pretty damn oblivious, but he was probably the only one who saw the relationship between the two youngest of the decaplets coming. Even when they had been younger, back before they split off and became their own separate entities, Cassiel had spent most of his days hovering around Castiel, who always welcomed his older brother with a smile.

Then, years later, when Cassiel was living in that drug den on the far side of town, Castiel had been the one to go over there and drag him out. Misha had been the only one home when the youngest Novak dragged his older brother into the house and started screaming at him. He couldn’t make out much of what the screams said, but he later caught a glimpse at his younger brother’s face and could guess that Castiel had really laid into him.

Once Cassiel had sobered up and was well on his way to opening a cafe with Gabriel, he and Castiel reverted back to their more playful ways, which involved hipchecks, pranks, and impromptu wrestling matches whenever one took something that belonged to the other.

It wasn’t until one night, months after the cafe had opened, that Misha caught the two of them wrapped up in each other on the couch. They weren’t kissing or doing anything overtly sexual, but it was just how comfortable they were with one another that made Misha feel like he was intruding on something extremely private. He ducked out of the room before they could see him and never mentioned it to either of them.

Eventually though, the rest of the decaplets caught on, but much like Misha, they said nothing. They had all seen what their youngest brothers had been through and if they were what made each other happy, then so be it. Also, Misha thinks, most of them would be fucking hypocrites if they said anything, but that’s a different story for a different day.

Boaz smirked at their neighbor, raising a pierced eyebrow.

"You sure you wanna do this? It’s permanete you know," He said, licking his lips. 

"Hell yeah, it’s hard to tell us all apart, and I want something that’s just me, like how you’ve got your whole look," Misha replied, smiling brightly at the other. 

"Okay, c’mon, I got my piercing stuff inside." Boaz gestured at the other man to follow him, both heading inside. 

"So Priestly, what is it you do? You’re like one of the only ones to have a job here, right?" 

"Kinda, but yeah, I work in this really cool little sandwich shop, it’s the best." Boaz opened the door to his room, the one he shared with Dean. Said brother was currently sitting on his bed, reading a Car and Driver magazine. He looked up as Boaz walked in, smirk widening at the sight of Misha.

"Well, look at that, want some privacy, Boaz?" Dean asked, winking. Boaz glowered, both at the use of his full name around someone outside the family and at the question. 

"No, Dean, I don’t. I’m gonna give Misha here an eyebrow piercing," He said, ignoring his brother as he moved to his side of the room. He shuffled through his things until he found his piercing kit. 

"Hey, Misha, come pick out what ring you want." 

Misha walked over, carefully avoiding the piles of clothes and other items that Dean left laying about. He looked at the different style rings that Boaz had, picking out one that was hot pink. He grinned and handed to Priestly.

"That one," He said, sitting on Boaz’s bed. 

"Okie doke, this is gonna hurt, but only for a second," Priestly said, picking up his piercing gun. He set the ring in it and disinfected Misha’s eyebrow. He made the piercing quickly, whipping away what little blood there was.

"There ya go! Now if you need help cleaning it or anything like that, or have any questions, just come ask me, okay?" Priestly smiled as Misha stood and looked in the mirror that hung on their wall. 

"Whoa! That looks awesome! That’s Priestly," Misha said, turning to beam at the other man. 

"No problem, buddy, any time."

Misha nodded, a thoughtful look coming across his face.

After a moment he spoke.

"Hey, do you do nipple piercings too?"

Dean choked on the beer he was drinking, and Boaz laughed.

Misha was going to be fun to have around, of that Boaz was sure.

The summer had been hot. Way too hot. It did not help that most of the Winchester boys were having a hard time finding and keeping work. Dean was working mostly part time helping his Dad and Bobby, while Sam was out of college for the summer. 

To make matters worse, Tom was on a new string of medications. Jake was being his usual fucked up self and was seeing his therapist more often because he kept talking about creepy day dreams involving their mother burning on the ceiling. 

Wade and Clay were being their usual neurotic selves so of course they had that to look forward too. Both of them jumping at every damn sound. Dean swore he should get some horror movie sound track to tape to his hip just to mess with them. They were too easy. 

It seemed Trey and Priestly were the only two who could manage some form of stable work. Which annoyed Dean more then he would like as other than Sam, Boaz was the only person he could tolerate. 

But…the upside was that he could ogle their neighbours. 

Biting on his bottom lip he leaned precariously over the edge of the railing on their back porch, his eyes scanning over two of the Novak brother’s. He was watching as Cassiel massaged the sun tan lotion into Castiel’s back. Eyes raking over them as the youngest brother’s muscles flexed. His mouth felt dry and his breath was quickening as he watched this. Fuck he might have a hard time hiding it with his swim trunks on. 

He nearly jumped ten feet as a hand rested on his slightly sun burnt shoulder, a familiar voice in his ear. 

"Hey Dean, watching Cas again?" Jenny sounded a little too cheerful. And he was frustrated enough to wipe the smug smile off his little brother’s face.

"Don’t you have some fuckin’ underwear modelling shoot to be at?" he growled out, looking over his shoulder at the other as Jensen scowled back. 

"For your information, I’m auditioning for a TV show. Jared’s going with me. Have fun with that boner by the way. And Boaz isn’t getting back until later tonight. Jack ass." That said the youngest of the decaplet’s retreated, leaving Dean completely red faced. 

It did not help that when he turned back to look over at his neighbours yard Cassiel and Castiel were both leaning over the fence with wicked smiles. Smiles that seemed to promise something fun for Dean.

This summer might have been hot…but it was going to be fun.

Jimmy held Jacob close, smiling down at him and stroking his fingers through his hair. He sang softly as his elder brother slept, the song slow and gentle. He did this a lot, just sat up stroking Jacob’s hair and singing long into the night. 

Jacob talked in his sleep, and interesting habit that Jimmy’d noticed early on. But tonight, instead of talking, Jacob started singing along with Jimmy.

Just close your eyes, the sun is going down,” He sang softly, eyes closed. Jimmy knew he was asleep, yet couldn’t help but stop singing himself, opting to listen to Jacob instead. When he didn’t start singing again, Jimmy frowned, continuing himself. As soon as he did, Jacob sang right along.

You’ll be all right, no one can hurt you now. By morning light, you and I’ll be safe and souuuund," They sang, Jimmy smiling down at Jacob. 

Before they could sing anymore, Jacob’s eyes blinked open and he yawned.

"Whatcha doin’ Jim? You need ta sleep too, silly," He said, quietly, pulling Jimmy down to lay next to him. 

"I know, but I just like petting your hair while you sleep. It seems to comfort you," Jimmy said back, snuggling next to Jacob. 

"Yeah, makes me feel safe and sound," Jacob mumbled as he fell back asleep.

Jimmy couldn’t help the smile that stayed on his face as he too went to sleep.

This is for Summer, cause I broke her with that last fic.

Every morning, Cassiel wakes up with Castiel tucked into his side. This is a well known fact in the Novak household. But what they don’t know, is that there is a certain process to how Cassiel wakes up.

The first step in Cassiel’s waking up process is opening his eyes. They’re usually bleary and still heavy with sleep, but most mornings her manages to keep them open.

The second step comes with the acknowledgement of the weight on his chest.

Third step, brush the hand that is attached to the arm that is not holding said weight, through the hair of the weight.

While not actual step, there is usually some mumbling from the weight at this and the weight tends to shift and curl even deeper into Cassiel’s chest.

The fourth step is to smile and lean down to press a soft kiss into the weight’s hair, fighting off a chuckle as he can feel the face that the weight makes.

The fifth and final step is, when the weight finally picks his head up to look at Cassiel, blinking sleepily the whole time, smile and say, “Good morning Castiel.”

"I don’t remember you."

Warning: character death

The nine oldest of the Novak decaplets stood around Castiel’s bed as he looked at them, confused as hell and obviously worried that these people that looked like him may have possibly lost their minds. But that was nothing compared to the pain and anguish that had taken up residence on Cassiel’s face, as the man he had loved for the past decade, simply wrote them off only cause he couldn’t remember and didn’t exactly seemed too concerned about that fact.

At 9:53 PM that night, Jimmy Novak called an ambulance when he found his second youngest brother on the floor of bathroom, in a pool of his own blood from where he slashed his wrists. At 10:15 PM, Cassiel Novak was declared dead. The next day, at exactly 1:17 PM, Castiel Novak asked where Cassie was.

No one was surprised when two weeks after his release from the hospital, Jacob came home to find his youngest brother hanging from the ceiling in the room he had once shared with Cas.


  • When does it take place?
    ALL OF APRIL, 2012
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    I’m sorry, have you SEEN/HEARD OF how many ships there are in this fandom?
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    April 1st.
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    April 30th.
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A whole month specifically designed just for posting crack ships inside our goofy fandom. I chose a whole month because there incredibly large amounts of different ships [once you step away from the big guns, like wincest, destiel, sassy, wincestiel, etc etc]. Instead of a week, spend a month posting various graphics, fan mixes, fanfics, even fic recommendations. Post whatever you would like! And be sure you tag it with “crackship12” for obvious reasons.

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